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Special stand/ catering trade

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Melan markets are offering of course different kinds of snack bars and catering stands with manifold choices. From groceries for the straight consumption, the sausage from the grill and the Asian pan for noon or the portion of cheese for the breakfast table for the next week, the apples for the break in the office or the salad for the spontaneous dinner with the neighbour: Melan markets are offering as a modern bazaar a big choice of variety for everyone.

The visitors are appreciating the price conscious shopping at the weekend and know that many affordable propaganda stands are offering the special offers and come regular to bargain shopping on one of our numerous Melan markets in whole Germany.

The products of offers are an important point for the Melan markets, the right mix of offers must be thought about and we have to find the right stand for the traders so for that we have a own department for our customers:

Our department for catering trader/special stands are responsible for every catering trades (Groceries for to go or for the straight consumption) and special stands (like flowers, propaganda, key service etc.). They are reachable for you from Mondays – Fridays to the regular office hour from reservation office or you send us an E-mail to gastro@melan.de. .

We are happy for every new customer!
(Please note our processing time of 10-14 days.)

We need the following information from you on your writing application:

  • Which kind of markets do you like to attend
  • Your complete address (inkl. Telephone, Fax and E-mail-address)
  • A photo of your stand
  • How large your stand is ( admeasurements of your stand)
  • An accurate description of your kinds of goods
  • Your requirement for electricity and water
  • Your Itinerant Trade licence
  • A certificate for infection protection (ifSG)

Use Melan markets to raise your volume of sale!

The special stands/ catering trade department is looking constantly for new ideas and concepts to amend the flair of the market and to present always new branches of trades to the visitors.

  • Do you have a new business idea which not on the market yet?
  • Are you interest to go with your new concept on the market national

We like to help you to go public with you concept in the area of NRW. Don’t hesitate to contact us under the telephone number: +49 241 – 18 95 410 or write an E-mail: gastro@melan.de

We are exciting to meet you and your ideas and to introduce it on the markets.

Tell us your story!

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