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Bochum real,-

Always after our mega market in Mülheim RheinRuhrZentrum and after the huge market in Essen Altenhof at the real, - this extremely popular flea market takes place. This nice market has a steady place in our appointment planning, so that our suppliers can book early for this appointment. Experience as an exhibitor an expert and generous audience that just has interest in attractive and unusual products.
Riemker Straße
City :
44809 Bochum
Parking lot:
Parking lot & roofed:

Next dates

Sunday 26.10.2014
Sunday 07.12.2014


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Price rangePrice category B

Rummage / private rummage (lfdm)
11 €
Pro drawler (Ifdm/other used ware)
16 €
New ware (Ifdm/Retour ware, 2. choice)
26 €
Textile, shoes, tools, chemist (Ifdm/ 2. choice too)
31 €
Promotion (Ifdm)
46 €
Kids until the age of 10 years (blanket 2x2m)
5 €
Corner all inclusive price priv. drawler
30 €
Corner all inclusive price pro rummage/ new ware
30 €
Corner all inclusive price textile/shoes/chemist/tools
30 €
Main row = surcharge (Ifdm)
+5 €
Super-Main row = surcharge (Ifdm)
+15 €


Das Wetter in Bochum

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